Making the Perfect Shot

Even with a few photo shoots under my belt, it never fails to amaze me how the best shots sometimes come from unexpected moments. For the Fall 2010 catalogue, I knew I wanted to feature one of our classic designs–the Multi-colored semiprecious stone link bracelets, and I wanted to put a cool, fresh spin on it. So I styled it with an easy Halston knit dress and cream cashmere sweater…

Whilst the shots were quite pretty, something just wasn’t quite working for me. They were almost a little bit boring! I looked at the rack full of clothes I had pulled for the shoot, and didn’t see anything that clicked… until I saw my own distressed black leather motorcycle jacket (from designer Current/Elliot) hanging off a chair. Those of you who know me will know my mantra, “When in doubt, add leather!” The minute I got that jacket on Kristyna (our lovely model), I knew it was right. The shots after that just had a totally different energy! Even though I kept thinking, “They are never going to let me use this shot,” it did end up being everyone’s favorite image from the entire shoot and featured prominently in our ad campaign for 2010/2011! 


And now… the finished shot with all the WORKS…

Photography: James Holland; Makeup: Mark Weiss; Model: Kristyna Doukoupilova