Living Jewels

Claire Acey of Nightmare & the Cat

Style is the ever elusive thing that every woman wants and few have. The legendary Diana Vreeland once said,

“A new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you’re living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later.”

Schepps’s clientele have always been independent women of great style and accomplishment. They march to the beat of their own drum. When you are in the presence of such a woman, you feel her allure immediately. It’s more than beauty. It’s more than just wearing the latest fashions. It’s undefinable and intangible. It’s a bit of magic. Very much like Diana Vreeland.

Women such as Blanche Knopf, Holly Solomon, and Doris Duke loved Schepps’s jewels because just like them he dared to¬† make his own rules when it came to designing jewelry and objet d’art. When we speak of the heritage of Seaman Schepps, we sometimes forget that Schepps was a bit of a rebel and liked to shake things up a bit.

When I saw Claire Acey perform as part of the Los Angeles band Nightmare & the Cat, I immediately sensed this power about her. Despite her youthfulness, her classic beauty and spellbinding aura on stage combined to form a presence¬† that was entrancing. Much to my delight, she agreed to take time out of a busy tour schedule to spend a day at the photo studio for the Schepps fall mini campaign. Here’s some video footage of the photo shoot: