Andy Warhol’s Secret

“The recent discovery of jewelry in a storage room in Andy Warhol’s townhouse came as an enormous surprise to everyone. After all, prior to the auction last spring of The Andy Warhol Collection, the principal rooms of the house had been completely emptied. Everything had been thoroughly and exhaustively searched. We were certain that nothing had been overlooked. But Andy outwitted us.

Andy Warhol at the Factory by Horst P. Horst, 1972

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Lily Safra

The jewelry world is all abuzz with the upcoming sale at Christie’s on May 14: “Jewels for Hope: The Collection of Mrs. Lily Safra”, which includes the largest single owner selection of jewels by JAR ever seen at auction. The Lily Safra Foundation will donate the entire proceeds of the sale to 20 charitable institutions. Furthermore, any proceeds above $20 million will be given to additional philanthropic organisations selected by the Foundation. Amongst this fantastic collection are two pieces by Seaman Schepps, shown below…

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