Blue Note

Blue Chalcedony

The Snuff Bottle Bracelet is Schepps at the height of whimsy and imagination. Originally made from snuff bottles hand-carved from sem-precious stone (see an original at the top of the image), our newest version is a stunning combination of blue chalcedony, faceted iolite, rock crystal, with diamond and sapphire accents mounted in 18k white gold.

The newspaper article is from the Washington Post in 1968. Society columnist Maxine Cheshire dubbed Schepps “America’s Court Jeweler” in this very article! She also notes, “David Webb, Pierre Schlumberger and even costume jeweler Kenneth J. Lane credit Schepps with being the daddy of them all.”

Amanda Brooks

The first time I realized the lovely Amanda Brooks, now the newly minted Fashion Director at Barney’s New York, was a fan of Seaman Schepps was when I read an interview with her in the newspaper in 2010, where she claimed,

My most treasured piece of jewelry is a wood and gold link bracelet from Seaman Schepps. It was a present from my husband when our son was born. My grandmother was a collector of Seaman Schepps jewelry, and then my mother became a fan and was given pieces on special occasions by my stepfather.

She had just published a new book called I Heart Your Style, in which she dishes on the finer points of style and fashion.  I ran out to the nearest Barnes & Noble and bought the book. To my pleasant surprise, she mentions Seaman Schepps several times, even to say that our coffee table book was one of her favorite fashion inspiration books! (See below…)

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