All That Jazz

Seaman Schepps legendary Jazz Cuff in Emerald, sapphire and diamond

One of the designs that made Seaman Schepps legendary for his imagination is wit is the Jazz cuff bracelet! Can you believe believe it was originally designed/created in the 1930s? It’s absolutely of-the-moment nearly 75 years later.

Schepps designed a series of oversized “barbaric”-style bracelets. Here’s an original Seaman Schepps Cuff, c. 1944:

Seaman Schepps Jazz Cuff, c. 1944

Seaman Schepps Jazz Cuffs, modern and vintage

Seaman Schepps Jazz Cuffs, modern and vintage, are picture above. Clockwise from bottom left: A modern Jazz Cuff in sapphire and diamond; Cabochon and faceted emeralds with diamonds in yellow nad white gold, c. 1935; Cabochon and engraved emeralds, sapphires, and rubies with garnets and diamonds in white and yellow gold, which originally belonged to Mrs. Axel Wnner-Grem. c. 1940, now in a private collection.

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Let There Be Light

It’s 9am on March 13, 2012. The day of the Seaman Schepps Spring/Summer 2012 catalogue shoot. Our model Yulia T has arrived and is getting ready for what will be an elaborate transformation into a ’40s siren. Makeup artist Bryan Z begins…

More footage of Miss Yulia’s transformation to come!

Living Jewels

Claire Acey of Nightmare & the Cat

Style is the ever elusive thing that every woman wants and few have. The legendary Diana Vreeland once said,

“A new dress doesn’t get you anywhere; it’s the life you’re living in the dress, and the sort of life you had lived before, and what you will do in it later.”

Schepps’s clientele have always been independent women of great style and accomplishment. They march to the beat of their own drum. When you are in the presence of such a woman, you feel her allure immediately. It’s more than beauty. It’s more than just wearing the latest fashions. It’s undefinable and intangible. It’s a bit of magic. Very much like Diana Vreeland.

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Blue Note

Blue Chalcedony

The Snuff Bottle Bracelet is Schepps at the height of whimsy and imagination. Originally made from snuff bottles hand-carved from sem-precious stone (see an original at the top of the image), our newest version is a stunning combination of blue chalcedony, faceted iolite, rock crystal, with diamond and sapphire accents mounted in 18k white gold.

The newspaper article is from the Washington Post in 1968. Society columnist Maxine Cheshire dubbed Schepps “America’s Court Jeweler” in this very article! She also notes, “David Webb, Pierre Schlumberger and even costume jeweler Kenneth J. Lane credit Schepps with being the daddy of them all.”

What would S.S. do?

S.S. vacationed with his family in La Baule (Brittany) from 1927-1928. I imagined his sketch/inspiration book during this time for the Schepps catalogue… The photos at left are of S.S., his wife Nell, and daughters Patricia and Diane at La Baule. The renderings of the jewelry are for designs he made for the Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson (a gift commissioned by the Duke) and for the First Lady Roosevelt. I had so much fun raiding our archives during the making of this catalogue! The little coral figure was in a box with all of S.S’s personal effects. Rather than put together the collages digitally and using the oh-so-horrible fake “drop shadow” effect, I really wanted all the objects to come off the page. Hence, each page was assembled from real objects and shot as separate plates, then stitched together into a spread using Photoshop! More to come…